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Skill Workouts at Our Privately Owned Gym

12 Reasons Why Barnstormers 2022 May Be a GreatĀ Fit for You

PROSPECTIVE TEAM MEMBERS FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON SHOULD CONTACT Program Director, Sam Ingersoll at or (610) 984-4957. WE DO INDIVIDUAL TRYOUTS TO ADD PLAYERS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. (Open "group" tryouts are being scheduled.) 

(Details of 2018 program are being determined. Here is what we did during the 2016-2017.)

1. We have more time set aside for "team practice."

Most AAU teams practice only 1 - 2 times per week for 1.5 - 2 hours. This fall and winter, our team practiced for 10 hours per week. (Thursday from 6 - 9 pm, Saturday from 1 - 5 pm, and Sunday from 1 - 4 pm.) Now that the team has learned the basic offenses and defenses, we are reducing practice to 4 - 5 hours average so we can give players more individual focus.

Note: We are very supportive of our family’s and player’s other commitments including church and other sports. If players miss practices there a number of ways to make up that time including individual coaching, watching practice, game and training videos, etc...

2. We have set aside a lot of hours for 1-1 "individual player skill development" including "shooting coaching" with video analysis. This is the equivalent of "private coaching" that would normally cost $20 - $60/hour. Most teams do very little of this except in bits and pieces during team practices.


3. We have full-time access to a new, private gym with technology where players can follow on video the training of the best skill development trainers in the country. We provide accountability and motivation by doing pre-season player assessments and ongoing tracking of skill and mental toughness development.


4. We record game video and have it broken down by players and plays in Coaches spend at least 10 hours after every tournament analyzing game footage and statistics. Players watch themselves play to learn and motivate them to do better.


5. Our video and statistical analysis of opponents allows us to prepare better for when we play them again. This video and data will allow our players to defend and learn how to beat specific players from different schools. This video library will become even more valuable over the next 6 years.


5. We make training videos on offenses, defense, presses etc...available so they can see what these look like when run properly. “Seeing” helps players learn more quickly.


6. We assign the best Basketball Mental Toughness training (audios and workbooks) as homework to help girls learn how to focus, prepare, and work hard to achieve their goals. Many parents feel these sports psychology materials are helping our players in other areas of their lives including academics.


7. We are striking a balance between less competitive and more competitive tournaments. Less competitive allow our players a way to practice and build more confidence, for example in taking more shots. Competitive tournaments keep them motivated to work hard in practice and demonstrate how much they have learned.


8. Our team will eventually strike a balance of approximately 10 of the best players in the Iowa City area and 5 with great potential because of athletic ability or attitude. Skilled players need to play against skilled players throughout the year at practices to achieve their potential. This is usually not possible on school or smaller club teams.


9. To ensure a lot of “playing time” (which many parents are very concerned about) we play in somewhere between 14 - 23 tournaments. This allows us to make up playing time for players who play less and try different combinations of players to see which work best together.


Please note that we believe that practices - not games - are where skill development occurs. Right now games are more like Quizzes.

This changes in 8th and 9th grade since we will be playing in front of hundred of college coaches at showcase tournaments which are more like tryouts where you must play your best and your team must win to get noticed.


10. We encourage players to attend the best clinics and camps (Snow Valley, Elite Point Guard, Breakthrough Basketball) that give them additional opportunities to train in other settings and reinforce what we are teaching and learn new skills.


11. There are many opportunities for the girls to have fun together and these will increase as the number of overnight tournaments increase as our gym’s lounge opens up. We also schedule time for "team building" types of activities not related to basketball.


12. While the coach/player relationship is critical to their growth, we know how frustrating it can be to sit in the audience wondering what coaches and players are doing and why they are doing it. We maintain very open lines of communication with parents about everything from strategy during specific games to playing time and individual skills.


Our team is a new team this year. Nothing great can be created overnight, but this is what we are committed to building and are making great progress. We want our daughters to play on a team that will help them play above their potential, assist with recruiting and follow them throughout their lives - a team that becomes family.

If playing with Barnstormers 2022 sounds like it might be a good fit for your daughter and family, then please contact Coach Sam Ingersoll at (610) 984-4957 or

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